Release Guide#

This describes how to release the package. We basically follow the steps in Packaging Python Projects.


We may want to test the distribution before uploading the archives to the PyPI server. To this end, find the following lines in and change the project name to appfl-YOUR-NAME with a proper version.



Make sure to set a higher version if the same version exists in your TestPyPI server. You cannot upload the same version to the server.

Generating distribution archives#

Let’s make sure that dist directory is empty or does not exsit at the root of the repository, where pyproject.toml is located. Then, running the following command should generate a build distribution .whl and source archive .tar.gz files in the dist directory.

python -m build

Uploading the distribution archives#

We upload the distribution archives to the test server by the following command. This requires to have an account for TestPyPI.

twine upload --repository testpypi dist/*

Installing the new test package#

Once the distribution archives are uploaded, anyone can install the new test package by the following command:

pip install -i --extra-index-url= "appfl-YOUR-NAME[dev,examples,analytics]"


If the testing above is successfuly, we are ready to release the new package to the PyPI server. These are key steps to follow:

  • Let’s not forget to change the project name and set the version properly.

  • Generate the distribution archives as above.

  • Use twine upload dist/* to upload the distribution archives.